Lithuanian Music Day in Stockholm – the first of its kind cultural event in Sweden, by which we seek to introduce the creative, artistic and positive Lithuanian youth, along with Lithuania and its national traditions to the general Swedish public.


When planning this event, we chose an original concept. Music, art, history and sociality – four phrases aptly describing what is waiting for all participants in the event this fall. We decided to take a new perspective for the popular and traditional Street Music Day that takes place in Lithuania and other parts of the world every year and to pay regard to Lithuania’s important historical events, the so-called “Monday meetings” (Måndagsrörelsen – in Swedish), at Norrmalmstorg square in Stockholm, where at the time (March 1990 to September 1991) the Swedish society were gathering to express solidarity with the Baltic countries that struggled for independence.


With the upcoming Music Day we wish to bring together the Lithuanian community and give a sense to this historical place in the eyes of the youth, who bravely meets the future and respects the past.


Ambassador of the event – Andrius Mamontovas

Andrius Mamontovas

Andrius Mamontovas – extremely popular Lithuanian musician, songwriter, producer, actor and founder of the legendary rock band ”Foje” (in 1983). Mamontovas’ music had a profound influence in Lithuania and he has received a number of various national awards. Andrius is also an initiator of the popular “Street Music Day” (“Gatvės muzikos diena” in Lithuanian), that every year takes place in Lithuania and other parts of the world.


Lets meet at the Lithuanian Music Day in Stockholm 17 September 2016!